Dexe Hair Black Shampoo – 10 Sachets


MOQ: 1 Pack

Product: Black Shampoo

Brand: Dexe

Quantity: 10 Packs

MRP: 25

Value: Rs. 250

Profit: Rs. 70

Margin: 38.89%


The Natural Herb Black Hair Dye Shampoo includes various Chinese medicine essence and herbal nourishing cream such as Noni, wild ginseng, wild ganoderma lucidum and so on, the black hair dye shampoo took the hair nutrition and health experts for two years to develop it. Combined with various fruit gathering essence, amino acid, ZPT, collagen, etc. It contains a kind of brand-new and formula that can rapidly dye your hair black. Meanwhile this shampoo can dispel the stubborn dandruff, supplement nutrient to the roots of the hair and effectively prevent hair losing. Safe and healthy, without hair dye and won’t turn red, thus become the best product for hair styling.


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