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Who We Are

Oyopasal is a new type of online door to door shop that intends to delight all Nepalese households with a promise of enviable online shopping of trust and sincerity with free home delivery service.  We are trying to deliver every national & international product people need to maintain their home. Customers can refill their monthly stores, through an easy onsite shopping or by placing telephonic order reducing their efforts and multiplying their choices. It can be anything from kitchen groceries such as rice, pulse, cooking oil, salt, cookies, wine, snacks etc. to something for pets or toiletries like shampoos and deodorant. Our aim is to help people save their time and money while giving them the best possible online shopping experience.

By combining technology with business strategy, oyopasal simplifies life for those who do not enjoy grocery shopping, those who are stressed for time to shop in local stores or supermarkets, and /or those who are occupied with work and new in Kathmandu. Oyopasal uses a direct-to-consumer online shopping model, the model has supply chain management system that allows pick and pack groceries to be delivered from Oyopasal market center to consumer’s doors with payment method of cash on delivery and with free home delivery service. 

Our Values

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Our Promises

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Empowering Sellers
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Oyopasal puts utmost focus on empowering it’s sellers, they form the backbone of our marketplace. With our new & cutting edge systems we provide incredible levels of control & ownership to our sellers so they can manage their business effectively & efficiently.


From promotion & sales maximization tools to order tracking, performance report, real-time analytics & industry benchmarking; their growth is only limited by the effort & dedication they commit.


We are incredibly proud of the success stories that have emerged from our marketplace in the past & actively look forward to welcoming many more!